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I cannot predict the future, but several factors contribute to a player’s popularity in the NFL. These factors include:

1. Performance on the field – Players who perform well on the field and have outstanding statistics are often popular among fans.

2. Personality – Players who have charismatic personalities, engage with their fans and show a human side tend to be popular. Being active on social media platforms and interacting with fans can also help increase a player’s popularity.

3. Marketability – Players with captivating and marketable personalities can attract endorsers and sponsorships which can, in turn, increase their popularity among fans.

4. Championship success – Players who help their team achieve notable success like winning the Super Bowl or reaching the playoffs, can also gain popularity among fans.

5. Community impact – Players who engage in philanthropic activities and are involved in positive contributions to their communities are often viewed as role models and can gain popularity through this activity.

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