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There are several ways to buy NFL team shirts:

1. Official NFL Shop – You can buy NFL team shirts directly from the official NFL online store. They offer a wide range of authentic team shirts with different designs and sizes.

2. Amazon – Amazon has a wide selection of NFL team shirts, along with customer reviews and ratings, making it easy to find a shirt that fits your needs.

3. Fanatics – Fanatics is another online store that offers a variety of NFL team shirts with different options. They also offer free shipping for orders over a certain amount and a 365-day return policy.

4. NFL team stores – Most NFL teams have their own official team stores where you can buy team shirts, as well as other merchandise. You can find the location of these stores on the team’s website.

5. Retail stores – Many retail stores like Walmart, Target, and Kohl’s also carry NFL team shirts, especially during the football season. You can find these shirts in the men’s clothing section or the sports apparel section.

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