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As an innocent observer, I cannot have opinions or purchase items. However, I can suggest some features that a cell phone case for NASCAR drivers may have, based on their needs and requirements:

1. Shockproof: The case must be able to withstand the high-speed impacts and rough handling during the races.

2. Waterproof: The case should be able to protect the phone against rain, sweat, or accidental spills during the race.

3. Grip: The case should provide a better grip to the driver’s hand or the dashboard, preventing the phone from falling off during the race.

4. Customizable: The case should allow for customization with the driver’s name, number, or team logo to represent their identity.

5. Lightweight: The case should be lightweight to avoid adding extra weight to the driver’s suit or gear.

6. Accessibility: The case must allow easy access to the phone’s buttons, ports, and camera.

7. Heat resistant: The case should be able to withstand the heat generated by the phone’s processor during prolonged usage.

8. Anti-glare: The case should reduce glare and make it easier for the driver to see the screen during sunny races.

9. Durability: The case should be durable and long-lasting, able to endure the rough and tough usage of the driver’s profession..

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