College Player Transfer Portal Effects

The player transfer portal in the context of college sports refers to the system that allows student-athletes to communicate their intention to transfer to another institution. While the transfer portal offers benefits for student-athletes, such as the ability to explore new opportunities and find a better fit, there can be potential negative consequences as well. […]

Conference USA Team Shirts

FIU Panthers Shirts Jacksonville State Shirts Liberty University Louisiana Tech Shirts Middle Tennesse State New Mexico State Sam Houston UTEP Western Kentucky U. Conference USA (C-USA) is a collegiate athletic conference that operates in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Division I. It was previously known as the Conference USA (C-USA) until 2013, when it […]

SEC Team Shirts

Alabama Team Shirts Auburn Team Shirts Arkansas Razorbacks Florida Gators Team Shirts Georgia Bulldogs Team Shirts Kentucky Wildcats LSU Tigers Mississippi State Mississippi Missouri Okalahoma South Carolina Tennessee Texas Texas A & M Vanderbilt The Southeastern Conference (SEC) is a collegiate athletic conference that was established in 1932. It was originally known as the “Southern […]

Big 12 Conference Team Shirts

Arizona Arizona State Baylor Team Shirts BYU Cincinnati Colorado Houston Iowa State Team Shirts Kansas Jayhawks Team Shirts Kansas State Team Shirts Okalahoma State TCU Texas Tech UCF Utah West Virginia The Big 12 Conference was founded in 1994, originally as the Big Eight Conference, with members from former Big Eight schools including the University […]

Big 10 Conference Team Shirts

Illinois Fighting Illini Indiana University U of Iowa U of Maryland U of Michigan Michigan State Minnesota Nebraska Northwestern Ohio State Pennsylvania State Perdue Rutgers Wisconsin The Big Ten Conference, originally known as the Western Conference, was founded on June 8, 1896, by a group of 13 Midwest-based colleges and universities. The conference was formed […]

American Athletic Conference Team Shirts

Army Charlotte 49ers Team Shirts East Carolina Pirates Team Shirts Florida Atlantic Owls Memphis State Tigers Navy North Texas Rice South Florida Temple Tulane Tulsa UAB UTSA History Of The American Athletic Conference The American Athletic Conference (AAC) was established in 2013 as a result of a major realignment in college sports. Prior to its […]

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